Western Reserve Land Conservancy Carbon Program - O'Brien Preserve

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Hudson, OH

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Western Reserve Land Conservancy

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Sarah Blakely, Grants Manager sblakely@wrlandconservancy.org

Western Reserve Land Conservancy (WRLC) is protecting 43 acres of the O’Brien Preserve, an early to mid-successional hardwood forest and forested wetlands in Hudson, Ohio. Protecting this site will improve air and water quality, increase public recreation opportunities, and benefit birds and wildlife in this region.

O’Brien Preserve consists of upland and lowland forests estimated at around 30 years old. Dominant tree species include red and silver maples, black cherry, pin oak, eastern cottonwood, and black walnut.

WRLC is protecting the forest as well as an additional 12 acres of non-forested land, for a total of 55 acres. The property is in an area experiencing increased development pressure. It is adjacent to industrial buildings and offices and is zoned for industrial/business park development.

This is the fifth project in WRLC’s Carbon Program. WRLC, an accredited land trust, is Ohio’s largest land trust with over 60,000 acres conserved across 24 Ohio counties. WRLC preserves natural resources that provide multiple environmental benefits and improve the quality of life for residents of Northeast Ohio. Carbon credits are an excellent extension of WRLC’s mission, furthering conservation goals that will benefit communities, increase valuable open space acreage, and preserve critical wildlife habitat.

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More information soon.

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