Twinsburg Heights Preserve

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Summit County, Ohio

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West Creek Conservancy

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Brett Rodstrom, Director of Conservation,

The Twinsburg Heights Preserve Project, led by West Creek Conservancy, is protecting 49 acres of forestland within a 76-acre property in and along the City of Twinsburg, OH. Protecting the forest as part of a carbon project will generate funding for ongoing stewardship and maintenance for public access, unlocking recreation and open space benefits for the community.

The Project Area preserve is a hardwood forest of red and sugar maples, black cherry, and American beech. The property crosses the boundary between the City of Twinsburg and Twinsburg Township, where it is zoned respectively as Interchange Business District and Residential. As an open space lot in a highly developed area located right off a major interstate highway, the property was at high risk for clearcutting and development. West Creek Conservancy purchased the property in October of 2022 and recorded a deed restriction to preserve it in perpetuity.

Permanent protection of the Twinsburg Heights Preserve yields numerous environmental, social, and health benefits. The adjacent community of Twinsburg Heights is a formerly redlined and predominately African American residential neighborhood. This community still grapples with the legacy of the formerly discriminatory practices of redlining, with highway 480 directly adjacent to the neighborhood and fewer public amenities such as sidewalks and streetlights than can be found in nearby communities within the City of Twinsburg and Twinsburg Township. The commercial land use conversion of the property, as was the intent of the previous owner and was aligned with the zoning of the property, would have had significant and irreparable impacts on the Twinsburg Heights community, including exacerbating pre-existing stormwater issues such as flooding and erosion. Conservation of the property as a natural area will preserve the ecological services including flood control that the property provides to the adjacent community. The forest also provides a diversity of nesting habitats and food sources for wildlife.

More information coming soon.

More information coming soon.