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Project Location

Any City or Town, United States

Project Lead

Local Urban Forest Leader TBD


Company TBD



Money Needed


Do you want to fund a new tree planting project that advances your corporate goals and enriches communities? We are connected to urban forest leaders around the country that are in need of funding. Contact us and we’ll help to develop a certified planting project that meets your needs.

Every tree planting project demonstrates impacts that create a more just and sustainable future.

Human Health

Air Quality
Urban Heat
Active Living
Wellness and Mental Health
Social Health

Social Equity

Inequity Context
Site Selection
Community Engagement in Design
Community Participation
Economic Equity


Site Prep
Climate Action
Water Quality and Quantity
Habitat, Food and Wood Production

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals [link to] or SDGs are a global call for action. These goals have the power to build a better future for everyone.

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