Why are we calling our credits Carbon+? Because our urban forests deliver many documented benefits:

  • Improve social and environmental equity when planted or preserved in disadvantaged communities, many of which have fewer trees than affluent communities
  • Store carbon
  • Provide shade, cooling, and energy savings
  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce stormwater runoff
  • Stabilize slopes
  • Improve human health and happiness

But urban trees receive very little funding. Cities and towns struggle to meet human service and utility needs. Trees are a cost or expense to cities, but the benefits of trees do not appear on their financial reports at all.

Our credits - City Forest  Carbon+ Credits™ - were developed by leading scientists as unique bundled credits, containing:

  • A quantified metric ton of CO₂, and
  • Quantified storm water runoff reductions (cubic meters/year), air quality benefits (tons/yr for O3, NOx, PM10), and energy savings (cooling)(kWh/yr and kBtus/yr)

In this bundled Credit, some of the benefits of trees are quantified as a credit – a standardized unit of value that represents real trees being planted or preserved in cities and towns across America.

Local and national companies can buy these City Forest Carbon+ Credits from local projects and thereby invest efficiently and reliably in local projects that help keep our cities and towns green, equitable, and livable.