Winton and Westmark Woods Forest Preservation Project

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Cincinnati, Ohio

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Cardinal Land Conservancy

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Jack Stenger, Land Manager,

Cardinal Land Conservancy (“Cardinal”) is protecting 37 acres of forest across two properties on the north side of Cincinnati, Ohio. By enrolling the properties in a carbon project, Cardinal aims to increase access to green spaces for under-resourced communities, protect natural forest communities and habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife, and support open space conservation in a highly populated area.

The Winton Preserve and Westmark Woods Forest Preservation Project consists of 65- and 95-year-old, old growth stands. The forest is classified as mixed-mesophytic, and the canopy consists of more than twenty species of trees, including a mix of maple, oak, hickory, sycamore, and beech. At the Westmark parcel, there are larger “wolf trees” throughout the property, including a 62-inch DBH (diameter at breast height) sycamore and a 44.5-inch DBH white oak. The project area is zoned for residential development. As part of the carbon project, Cardinal will record a deed restriction to preserve this high-quality forest.

Cardinal plans to provide free public access to both preserves by creating a natural-surface nature trail in each. Both preserves can be accessed by pedestrians from public sidewalks and are within a quarter mile of public bus stops. This will increase the opportunity for the surrounding communities to experience the health and wellness benefits that passive recreation in a natural area can provide.

More information coming soon.

More information coming soon.

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