What Are Carbon+ Credits?

Trees in urban areas deliver enormous benefits to their residents, yet they receive very little funding. Trees are a cost or expense to cities, but the benefits of trees do not appear on their financial reports at all. With City Forest Credits, local and national companies can buy Carbon+ Credits from local projects and thereby invest efficiently and reliably in local projects that help keep our cities and towns green, equitable, and livable.

The scientists and national drafting group at City Forest Credits (see Who We Are) developed specialized and charismatic credits that deliver a suite of ecosystem benefits to residents of cities and towns, where they are needed most. In this uniquely bundled Credit, some of the benefits of urban trees are quantified as a credit – a standardized unit of value that represents real trees being planted or preserved in cities and towns across America.

Each City Forest Carbon+ Credit includes:

  • A metric ton of CO₂

  • Rainfall interception in cubic meters/year

  • Air quality benefits in tons/year for O3, NOx, PM10, and Net VOCs

  • Energy savings in kWh/yr and kBtu/yr

City trees also provide many other benefits, such as bird and wildlife habitat, human health benefits, slope stability, and social equity.

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