Reforesting Des Moines - 2019

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Des Moines, IA

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Trees Forever

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Leslie Berckes

Trees Forever’s Growing Futures program is a youth employment and tree planting program that addresses critical social, economic, and environmental needs in Des Moines, IA. In partnership with the City of Des Moines and Microsoft, Growing Futures takes a thoughtfully designed and hands-on approach to address workforce development needs, provide a path to green careers, and plant more trees. 

We have a shared vision to grow the city’s tree canopy by planting more trees and caring for the ones we have. Tree plantings are located on property owned by the City of Des Moines, with a mix of street tree and park plantings. Our collaboration looks to engage youth of diverse backgrounds and focus their work on under-resourced communities that lack tree cover and grow a tree canopy that provides real and lasting benefits for generations to come.

Through this project, Growing Futures youth plant and care for trees in underserved communities. The location of these tree plantings will improve equitable distribution of tree benefits to all neighborhoods. As trees grow and thrive, the trees will improve residents’ quality-of-life. This project will deliver quantified and reportable CO2 sequestration, stormwater reductions, energy savings, and air quality improvements.

The program provides an opportunity to employ young people to care for our environment, and build the whole person through career readiness opportunities, so that the entire community reaps the benefits. 

The co-benefits from tree planting sites create a total savings of $56,693.00 per year, and $1,417,325.00 over 25 years.

  • Rain interception: 3,841.84 m3/year, $27,503.98 per year
  • Air quality: 0.1228 tons/year, $569.08 per year
  • Energy – cooling (electricity): 122,499.44 kWh/year, $9,297.71 per year
  • Energy – heating (natural gas): 1,793,389.77 kBtu/year, $17,458.17 per year
  • Avoided CO2 from energy savings: 93.2 tons/year, $1,864.06

Total Credits Issued: 717

  • 2020: 157 credits issued
  • 2023: 560 credits issued

Total Credits Sold: 157

  • 2020: 157 credits sold

Total Credits Retired: 0

Total Credits Cancelled: 0

Total Credits Available for Purchase: 560

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