Ballinger Open Space

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Shoreline, WA

Project Operator

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

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Carbon+ Credits



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Dan Hintz

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust (Greenway Trust) is partnering with the City of Shoreline to restore a site known as Ballinger Open Space. The Greenway Trust will work with the City of Shoreline and community members to remove invasive plants, plant trees, and restore public access to this land. This project was awarded the 2019 Spotlight Award for Environmental Stewardship by the Washington Recreation and Park Association. 

The primary goal is to remove 1.5 acres of invasive plants and replace them with 2,000 native trees. Local habitat and water quality will be improved by clearing invasive weeds and restoring the area through the planting of conifers. Clearing invasive vegetation will also allow the City of Shoreline and the Greenway Trust to undertake an initial assessment of site conditions in preparation for future trails throughout the site.

The Greenway Trust is also working with the City of Shoreline and the Ballinger Homes community to ensure engagement with a socioeconomically and culturally diverse group of volunteers to assist with the efforts. The Greenway Education Program will work with local school groups to bring students out for field study. Students can make a direct, positive impact on the health of streams that drain to Puget Sound while learning about watersheds and how to improve the ecological health of their communities.

The co-benefits from tree plantings at this site create a total a savings of $69,446.46 per year, and $1,736,161.50 over 25 years.

  • Rain interception: 8,161.72 m3/year, $59,918.01 per year
  • Air quality: -0.2346 tons/year, $630.52 per year
  • Energy – cooling (electricity): 84,656.55 kWh/year, $4,334.42 per year
  • Energy – heating: 264,686.18 kBtu/year, $3,013.10 per year

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