Eagle Creek Forest Legacy Initiative

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Project Operator

City of Indianapolis, Department of Parks and Recreation

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Project Contact

Don Miller, DPW-Land Stewardship Manager, Don.Miller@Indy.gov

The City of Indianapolis is protecting 480 acres of forest land within the city limits. The project area is home to a diverse array of wildlife and is a destination for community members and visitors to the city. By enrolling the property in a carbon project, the City of Indianapolis aims to ensure forested areas are protected and sustainably managed for future generations.

The City of Indianapolis will use the revenue generated by carbon credit sales to fund conservation management to protect the forests of Eagle Creek Park, by ecological restoration management and other means to help ensure improved ecosystem services, including stormwater quality, air quality, biodiversity, climate resiliency, and pollinator protection. The forests of Eagle Creek Park surround and protect Eagle Creek Reservoir, a major drinking water source for the city of Indianapolis.

The Eagle Creek Park Forest Legacy Initiative is a mix of deciduous trees including maple, beech, elm, oak, and many other native species with some scattered coniferous trees. The project area is zoned as Park District (PK 1/PK2), though it is not inherently protected by being a park. During the first three decades since becoming a park, significant areas of park land were transferred or leased and some of its forested areas were cleared. The City of Indianapolis will record a deed restriction to permanently preserve these forests in perpetuity. Protecting these trees will secure long-term protection and conservation of this valuable forest land, and support the natural resource sustainability goals of the THRIVE Indianapolis plan.

More information coming soon.

More information coming soon.

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