Spring Creek Preserve

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Geauga County, OH

Project Operator

West Creek Conservancy

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Brett Rodstrom, Director of Conservation, brett@westcreek.org

West Creek Conservancy is protecting 151 acres of forest within a larger 361-acre property in Montville Township, Geauga County, OH. Dubbed the Spring Creek Preserve, West Creek Conservancy identified the property as a priority conservation acquisition due to its high-quality natural resources combined with the risk of development of the property caused by its listing on the open market, its residential zoning, and land use conversion trends in area. Preserving the property as a carbon project will secure long-term maintenance funding for stewardship and management.

The Spring Creek Preserve forest is composed of three mature forest stands, predominated by hardwood species including red maple and sugar maple, American beech, tulip tree, black cherry and northern red oak. West Creek Conservancy acquired the property in October 2022 and encumbered it with an environmental covenant, protecting the trees in perpetuity from development and timber harvest.

West Creek Conservancy’s goal is to manage the property as a nature preserve, integrating the property into West Creek Conservancy’s guided nature hike series to promote public access and appreciation for the unique natural heritage of the area. Revenue generated from the sale of carbon credits will support West Creek Conservancy’s stewardship of the property, including invasive species removal and deer population management to protect and enhance the ecological quality of the forest. Ensuring the health of this forest will provide an important buffer for preserving and enhancing downstream quality within Spring Creek, Trumbull Creek, the Grand River, and ultimately Lake Erie.

More information coming soon.

More information coming soon.