Callen Property Project

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Monongalia County, West Virginia

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West Virginia Land Trust

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Rick Landenberger, Science and Land Management Specialist,

The West Virginia Land Trust (WVLT) is conserving 28 acres of forestland on the Callen Property in Monongalia County, WV, as part of a carbon project. The 36.6-acre Callen property was donated in fee to the West Virginia Land Trust in September 2022, by the Callen family, well-known developers and land conservationists in the state. Preserving the forest as a carbon project will generate maintenance and stewardship funding to ensure long-term forest health, high-quality wildlife habitat, and public health and recreation benefits for generations to come.

The 28-acre woodland, which comprises the Project Area, is a closed-canopy forest of maples, poplar, cherry, oak, and hickory that ranges from 40 to 80 years old. The Callen property that encloses the Project Area lies along the City of Morgantown boundary and is surrounded by commercial and residential development. In accordance with Monongalia County practice, it is not currently zoned for any use; a recent appraisal estimates the current market value at $1.2 million due to its potential for residential development. As part of enrolling the property in a carbon project, WVLT will be recording a deed restriction to protect the Project Area forest.

From the West Virginia Land Trust’s standpoint, preserving the forest as an urban forest carbon project is an excellent example of stacking multiple benefits, maximizing the direct and indirect benefits of healthy forest ecosystems such as nutrient cycling, wildlife habitat, stormwater management, air quality improvement, outdoor recreation opportunities, and mental health benefits within urban greenspace. The property’s proximity to the adjacent airport means the forest plays an important role in reducing noise and air pollution from aircraft traffic. WVLT plans to explore these benefits in more detail throughout the project.

More information coming soon.

More information coming soon.