Village of Lombard Tree Planting Project 2024

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Village of Lombard, Illinois

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Village of Lombard

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Eric Henderson, Forestry and Urban Landscaping Supervisor,

The Village of Lombard, Illinois, is participating in its first carbon credit planting project. The Village planted and replaced trees along streets and in rights-of-way. The Village hopes to contribute to regional goals including environmental sustainability, the mitigation of climate change, and overall positive community impacts. There are 1,314 trees enrolled in the project, consisting of 85 different species. The top species include lilac, gingko, linden, and elm trees. The trees were planted as part of the Village’s tree planting efforts between October 2021 and May 2024.

One of the primary goals of the Village’s tree planting program, as it was devastated by Emerald Ash Borer, is to increase the overall diversity of its urban forest. Several of the tree species planted as part of this project were either underrepresented or non-existent within the tree population, previously. By increasing tree diversity, the Village seeks to improve the overall health of its urban forest. Replanting trees that had to be removed will provide additional stormwater reduction benefits. Additionally, the Village planted size-appropriate flowering trees under utility lines, which will enhance community aesthetics. Revenue from the sale of carbon offsets from this project will be reinvested into additional tree planting and maintenance performed by the Village of Lombard.

More information coming soon.

More information coming soon.