Greening the Green-Duwamish at Mullen Slough

Project Profile

Project Location

Kent, WA

Project Lead

King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks


Sound Transit



King County will revegetate four acres of riparian area at the mouth of Mullen Slough and along the mainstem of the Green-Duwamish River with approximately 2,000 native trees and 3,000 shrubs to improve habitat for endangered salmon. Shoreline vegetation provides much needed shade to keep the river temperature cool during hot summer months. Salmon need cool water to spawn and rear and trees are the key to keeping water temperature healthy. Trees and shrubs also provide a home for insects and bugs that feed salmon. Clean and cool water with more food equals bigger, healthier fish.

In addition to habitat benefits, these shoreline trees will help improve the health of the community by cooling surrounding urban areas, reducing stormwater runoff into the river, cleaning the air, and creating a more beautiful place to recreate for nearby residents.

Learn more about revegetation efforts along the Green-Duwamish River here:

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