Downtown Louisville Tree Canopy Improvement

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Louisville, KY

Project Lead



Bulleit Bourbon



TreesLouisville, in partnership with Bulleit Bourbon and American Forests, planted 35 trees along East Witherspoon Street in Lousville’s Central Business District (CBD). The CBD currently has the lowest tree canopy cover of any Louisville neighborhood, measuring only 9% on average. The new trees will provide shade along a wide pedestrian pathway, mitigate stormwater in an area of town with a higher-than-average percentage of impervious surfaces, and intercept air pollutants and particulate matter emitted from the highway.

This planting ties into a larger, concentrated effort by Louisville Metro Urban Forestry to strategically increase canopy in the Central Business District. It will allow residents of the Downtown area greater access to green space and create a more welcoming environment for thousands of individuals and families to play, exercise and travel.

Every tree planting project demonstrates impacts that create a more just and sustainable future. More information available soon.

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs are a global call for action. More information available soon.

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