Public Consultation – Revision to Preservation Protocol Version 13

City Forest Credits is holding a public comment period for updates to the City Forest Credits Tree Preservation Protocol Version 13.40 and Version 13.100.

The purpose of the proposed revisions is to increase clarity and ensure that the Protocol is in line with the latest available science and international best practice. The public comment period runs from March 18, 2024 to April 18, 2024.

The following list provides a high-level overview of updates that are open for public comment. A more detailed summary of changes is available here.

Updates to Preservation Protocol Versions 13.40 and 13.100

  1. Clarifications on Location Eligibility
  2. Update that critical areas must be excluded from the carbon project area
  3. Clarification on the appraised value used for the threat of loss demonstration
  4. Revision to additionality requirements to clarify financial additionality and common practice analysis, site-specific analysis, and the two-year lookback acquisition timeline
  5. Addition of national common practice analysis of urban forest conservation activities as Appendix E
  6. Clarification that reversal credits are not returned to the Project Operator
  7. Updates to Validation and Verification Body Accreditation Requirements, consistent with Article 6.4 of the UNCCC Paris Agreement

City Forest Credits will use input received to revise the above topics and incorporate them into the Protocol. Submit written comments via, or via the Contact Us portal.