City of Saint Paul, Minnesota, Submits First Tree Planting Carbon Project

The City of Saint Paul, Minnesota, recently submitted their first carbon project by partnering with Green Cities Accord, who served as the Project Operator. The City planted 11,288 trees, using the single tree planting design, along streets throughout the city. The Saint Paul City Council unanimously voted to approve enrolling the newly planted trees in a carbon project, and hope that this project is the start of a long-term relationship between the City of Saint Paul, and Green Cities Accord. The funding generated from the sale of carbon credits will be used to support long-term urban forestry initiatives, leveraging the capability of the planted trees to combat the impacts of climate change and enhance the livability of the City’s urban communities.

The Project Operator, Green Cities Accord, finished all crediting documents in May 2024 and submitted the project to City Forest Credits. The project will be sent to a third-party verifier, and pending approval, the project will receive the first 10% of its total carbon credits, this summer.

Learn more about the project’s impacts and benefits by viewing the city’s press release or project page.