Public Consultation – Revision to Afforestation Protocol

City Forest Credits is holding a public comment period for updates to the City Forest Credits Afforestation and Reforestation Protocol Version 11.

The purpose of the proposed revisions is to increase clarity and ensure that the Protocol is in line with the latest available science and international best practice. The public comment period runs from February 24, 2023 to March 24, 2023.

The following list provides a high-level overview of updates that are open for public comment. A more detailed summary of changes is available here.

Updates to Afforestation Protocol Version 11

  1. Updates to the Protocol name and references from “Tree Planting” to “Afforestation and Reforestation”
  2. Clarification on key project dates, including clarification on the Request for Credit Issuance dates and sampling timelines at Years 4, 6, 14, and 26
  3. Standardization of the approach for assessing, validating, and verifying no double counting of credits
  4. Clarification on requirements for issuance of ex post credits
  5. Clarification on monitoring report submission on years coinciding with Request for Credit Issuance
  6. Revision to the top-line deduction in the Quantification of Credits for the Cluster Planting Design and Quantification Method to better account for variability
  7. Minor clarifications on verification requirements

City Forest Credits will use input received to revise the above topics and incorporate them into the Protocol. Submit written comments via