Urban Forest Carbon Correspondence in the Journal Nature

We read with interest in the journal Nature a Correspondence advocating for carbon crediting to fund the “long-term viability” of urban tree planting projects. This describes our work quite well, and those of you who follow our work know that we are working hard to bring carbon finance to urban forestry and to the urban-rural gradient around cities.

Urban forest carbon has the potential to pay for additional tree planting and preservation throughout cities and the urban-rural gradient and to increase maintenance budgets for these trees. The Correspondence argues, as does City Forest Credits, that expanding carbon-credit programs could help cities fund green space projects in underserved areas.

As of 2023, CFC’s work has resulted in over 55 projects (both planting and preservation) across the United States. CFC’s preservation carbon credits were endorsed by the prestigious  International Carbon Reduction and Offset Accreditation; CFC is one of only 6 independent standards endorsed in North America.