Reforesting Des Moines - 2021

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Des Moines, IA

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Trees Forever

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Leslie Berckes

Trees Forever is a non-profit with a three decade history of success in Iowa. In 2020 and 2021, 1,799 trees were planted throughout the City of Des Moines along city streets and in city parks.

This project combines several community priorities such as:

Storm Recovery

In August 2020, a devastating windstorm known as a derecho swept west to east across Central Iowa, harming more than 700,000 acres of timber. Trees Forever is planting trees as part of the recovery effort.

Community Connections and Workforce Development

In 2019, Trees Forever launched a youth-centered worker program called Growing Futures in partnership with Iowa’s two largest cities, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines, TransAmerica, Alliant Energy, and Microsoft. The program uses a thoughtfully designed and hands-on approach to give Iowa’s young people needed workplace skills and open doors for them to green careers while, of course, planting more trees. The collaboration looks to engage youth of diverse backgrounds and focus their work on under-resourced communities that lack tree cover and grow a tree canopy that provides real and lasting benefits for generations to come.

Improve Life for Iowans

Trees improve quality of life and are a cornerstone in achieving sustainability goals. The beauty of trees builds a positive sense of community and pride in the places we live. A single mature tree can provide $3,790 in value over its lifetime, a 250% return on investment.

Trees planted as part of this project will provide ecosystem services, also known as co-benefits, when they reach 25 years old. The co-benefits represent a savings of $157,170.23 per year, and $3,929,255.73 over the next 25 years.

  • Rain interception: 11,138.02 m3/year, $79,737.79 per year
  • Air quality: 0.3353 tons/year, $1,511.54 per year
  • Energy – cooling (electricity): 329,913.61 kWh/year, $25,040.44 per year
  • Energy – heating (natural gas): 4,710,988.41 kBtu/year, $45,860.21 per year
  • CO2 Avoided from Energy: 251.01 tons/$20 tons/year, $5,020.25 per year

Total Credits Issued: 440

  • 2021: 440 credits issued

Total Credits Sold: 440

  • 2022: 440 credits sold

Total Credits Retired:

  • 2023: 60 credits retired

Total Credits Cancelled: 0

Total Credits Available for Purchase: 0

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