Anneewakee Forest Preserve

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Douglas County, GA

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Georgia-Alabama Land Trust, Inc.

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Katherine Eddins, Executive Director

The Georgia-Alabama Land Trust Anneewakee Forest Preserve is a 190-acre forest in the Atlanta metropolitan area. The forest consists primarily of mature oak hickory trees. Anneewakee Creek flows through a quarter mile of the Preserve, and maple, elm, and beech trees dominate along the creek. The property is zoned low density residential in an area experiencing a high volume of suburban growth. Protecting the forest will preserve habitat, expand recreational opportunities, provide relief from the heat island effect of urban development, and promote watershed functions in the Greater Atlanta region.

Georgia-Alabama Land Trust will protect the forest long-term as a wildlife sanctuary, with passive walking trails for the public. Bird species afforded habitat include Kirtlands warbler, Bald Eagle, Swainson’s warbler, tufted titmouse, red-bellied woodpecker, red-shouldered hawk and scarlet tanager. The forest is also being considered as part of a master trail plan for Douglas County. Public trails in the Anneewakee forest will promote outdoor recreation opportunities for nearby neighborhoods and urban areas.

More information soon.

More information soon.

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