Davey Corporate Forest

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Kent, OH

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Davey Resource Group, Inc.

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TJ Mascia Tj.mascia@davey.com

The Davey Tree Expert Company (Davey) is an employee-owned corporation with its headquarters located in Kent, OH. As the first and largest tree care company in North America, Davey is continually committed to investing in the growth and protection of natural resources. As such, Davey is proud to protect 15-acres of forest and plans to use the preserved tree stands for education on carbon sequestration and co-benefits of urban trees, including training and interpretive signage installation.

The City of Kent, Ohio, home of Kent State University, is growing at a rate of 0.20% and the population has increased by 3.19% over the last ten years. Due to this population increase, there has been substantial growth in new developments, downtown structures, and population. As a growing company with business across the United States and Canada, Davey has expanded and developed the campus over the years. With this preservation project, the stands are being preserved to protect against development by Davey itself or through the sale and development of the parcels to the community at large. Davey’s desire is to expose employees, clients, and our local communities to the company commitment to taking positive steps for the climate and showcase the details and process of maintaining a carbon project.

The Project consists of three sites with oak-hickory forest that are 40 to 80 years old. Tree canopies provide an array of benefits to the surrounding communities, including greenhouse gas benefits, urban heat island regulation, energy conservation, wind breaks, stormwater benefits including water infiltration and retention, wildlife habitat, and improved air quality. This Project seeks to protect each of these benefits and contribute to improved watershed health within the Cuyahoga River Area of Concern. The Davey Corporate Forest will continue to be a respite for Davey employees on work breaks, a safe and pleasant area for the nearby schools’ cross country teams daily runs, and an area for employees to continue technical training in the safety, arboriculture, and environmental consulting curricula.

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More information soon.

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