Buerkle Woodlands

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Sewickley Hills, PA

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Allegheny Land Trust

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Alyson Fearon afearon@alleghenylandtrust.org

Allegheny Land Trust (ALT) is leading the 34-acre Buerkle Woodlands project in Sewickley Hills and Ohio Township, PA. These scenic woodlands are the gateway to Sewickley Hills, Sewickley Heights, and Bell Acres for area residents and visitors alike. The forested slopes and hilltop plateau are emblematic of the character of these communities, serving as a buffer from the noise and commercial development of a major interstate while providing important wildlife habitat.

The mixed successional forest includes oaks, hemlock, and pines dating back to the 1930s, and younger maple, cherry, and beech in areas that were previously used for agriculture. Preservation will prevent conversion of forestland to residential use, erosion of landslide prone slopes, absorb rainfall in the flood prone Kilbuck Run watershed, and improve air quality. Kilbuck Run’s flooding threatens homes and businesses at the bottom of the watershed near the I-79 and Route 65 interchange.

ALT is protecting the woodlands as well as an additional 30 acres that are not developable, for a total of 64 acres. This project continues the expansion of the multi-municipal Audubon Greenway that links Sewickley Hills and Sewickley Heights Parks. Audubon Greenway is a segment of ALT’s NW Allegheny Conservation Plan to create a greenway connecting municipal parks and other protected land.

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More information soon.

More information soon.

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