Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board - Planting 2021

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Minneapolis, MN

Project Operator

Green Minneapolis

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David Wilson, dwilson@greenminneapolis.org

Green Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) are partnering to launch the first urban tree planting project to issue carbon credits in the State of Minnesota. This project includes 23,755 trees that were planted in Minneapolis between 2019 and 2021. The trees were planted in public right-of-way along city streets as well as on other park board land.

Green Minneapolis expects this project to be part of a broader Twin Cities Climate Resiliency Initiative. The objective is to plant five million trees across the seven-county Twin City metro area over the next 20 years. In addition to sequestering carbon, this project has many other positive impacts on the residents of Minneapolis. This project helps address environmental equity disparities by prioritizing tree-planting in areas of Minneapolis that have high rates of poverty and low percentage tree canopy cover. Trees planted in this project will reduce heat island effects, reduce stormwater runoff and capture particulate air pollution.

Information available soon.

Information available soon.

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