Pierce Conservation District Reforestation Program - 2022

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South Prairie, WA

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Pierce Conservation District

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Ryan Bird ryanb@piercecd.org

Pierce Conservation District (the District) planted 12.16 acres in South Prairie, WA between October 2021 and March 2022. The District is a natural resource agency working to protect and conserve the natural resources of Pierce County for over 70 years. One of the focus areas for the District is creating barrier-free watersheds that have the conditions to sustain wild salmon by 2040. Forested riparian corridors are essential habitats for both rearing and spawning federally endangered and threatened salmon.

This project restored native vegetation to riparian and floodplain habitat along South Prairie Creek, a tributary to the Carbon River in the Puyallup-White River watershed. Planting was completed in areas owned by the District and Pierce County Surface Water Management between a newly constructed half-mile side channel and Silver Springs Creek, a tributary to South Prairie Creek.

This planting is part of a larger effort to improve salmon habitat and restore floodplain processes. In 2020, District and partners created a side channel, instream structures in the mainstem of South Prairie Creek, and installation of engineered wood structures in the floodplain. Approximately 22.1 acres have been planted since the beginning of this restoration effort.

Thousands of acres of riparian corridors in Pierce County need restoration with 6,668 acres identified in public ownership for reforestation under this program. Please visit the 2020 project page for information on other Pierce Conservation District projects.


Trees planted as part of this project will provide ecosystem services, also known as co-benefits, when they reach 25 years old. The co-benefits represent a savings (avoided costs) of $185,154.56 per year when the trees reach age 25, and $4,628,864.00 over the next 25 to 50 years.

  • Rain interception (stormwater management) – 24,376.06 m3/year, $178,953.04 per year
  • Air quality – -0.9294 tons/year, $1,810.74 per year
  • Energy use – cooling (electricity) – 51,069.28 kWh/year, $2,614.75 per year
  • Energy use – heating (natural gas) – 156,015.66 kBtu/year, $1,776.03 per year

Total Credits Issued: 595

  • 2022: 595 credits issued

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