Pierce Conservation District Reforestation Program - Planting 2022

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Pierce County, WA

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Pierce Conservation District

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Ryan Bird ryanb@piercecd.org

Pierce Conservation District (the District) is a natural resource agency working to protect and conserve the natural resources of Pierce County for over 70 years. One of the focus areas for the District is creating barrier-free watersheds that have the conditions to sustain wild salmon by 2040. Forested riparian corridors are essential habitats for both rearing and spawning federally endangered and threatened salmon.

Located in a major population center in Central Puget Sound, the rapidly urbanizing area is in need of restoration to remove invasive species and replant with native trees and shrubs. Each year, the District restores approximately 100 acres of riparian habitat and plants about 20,000 trees and shrubs.

Thousands of acres of riparian corridors in Pierce County need restoration with 6,668 acres identified in public ownership for reforestation under this initiative. Our work focuses on restoring key riparian corridors by removing invasive species and planting trees and shrubs to sustain healthy ecosystems and provide recreational opportunities for people.

Please visit the 2020 project page for information on other Pierce Conservation District projects.

Information to be added soon.

Information to be added soon.

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