Travis County Reforestation Program - 2021

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Travis County, TX

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Andrew Smiley

TreeFolks and the City of Austin Office of Sustainability offered a second year of programming for the Travis County Floodplain Reforestation Program. The program, operated by TreeFolks, restores healthy forest buffers of local rivers and streams in eastern Travis County.

TreeFolks planted more than 23,000 native trees on 35.91 acres of private owned parcels. Carbon+ credits generated from this project will be sold to the local businesses and the City of Austin to help meet the city’s 2020 carbon neutrality goal. Using funds allocated for carbon offsets to purchase local credits from these riparian plantings keeps the City of Austin’s investments localized while addressing global climate change.

Trees planted as part of this project will provide ecosystem services, also known as co-benefits, when they reach 25 years old. The co-benefits represent a savings of $16,479.72 per year, and $411,993.03 over the next 25 years.

  • Rain interception: 3,978.70 m3/year, $10,406.73 per year
  • Air quality: 0.9276 tons/year, $2,248.10 per year
  • Energy – cooling (electricity): 42,529 kWh/year, $3,227.98 per year
  • Energy – heating (natural gas): 22,557 kBtu/year, $234.38 per year
  • CO2 avoided from energy savings: 18.1 tons/$20 tons/year, $362.53 per year

Total Credits Issued: 364

  • 2022: 364 credits issued

Total Credits Sold: 364

  • 2022: 364 credits sold

Total Credits Retired: 217

  • 2022: 217 credits retired

Total Credits Cancelled: 0

Total Credits Available for Purchase: 0

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