Wilson Family Forest Preservation Project

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Virginia Beach, VA

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Mosaic Carbon LLC

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Colin Fraser, Account Manager colin@firstearth.eco

The Wilson Family Forest is 23 acres of 80-year-old mixed pine and hardwood forest surrounded by residential development in Virginia Beach, VA. In partnership with the Wilson Family, Mosaic Carbon will preserve the Wilson Family Forest to protect it from development. By conserving this forest, the project will provide health, environmental, and recreational benefits to residents such as improved air quality, increased shade and energy savings, and reduced stormwater runoff.

The aim of this project is to preserve remaining forest in a rapidly developing area. The City of Virginia Beach has a strong military presence and the associated demands for housing and commercial development have accelerated deforestation exacerbating the ecological risks of climate change in Virginia’s coastal plain. Forest preservation in the low-lying Tidewater region of Virginia is particularly important due to flood risk accompanying sea level rise and a high water table.

This project is part of a wider effort by Mosaic Carbon LLC to develop a region-wide forest preservation program, in concert with local and national nonprofits, to identify and protect the remaining forests in the cities of Chesapeake, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach.

More information soon.

More information soon.

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