The Little Carbon Project That Could, And Why We Love It

Cloverly is Leading the Charge with Purchase of Urban Forest Carbon Credits

Companies that are looking to offset their carbon footprint can now purchase locally sourced credits from a 124-acre protected forest near Pittsburgh that have direct positive impacts for the community. The Allegheny Land Trust is one of the first in the nation to implement this carbon offset approach to generate much needed funding for urban forests. Cloverly is the project’s first buyer—and hopes to encourage many more like it.

Originally published by Cloverly:

A young forest covers a hilltop above the Youghiogheny River 10 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Neat rows of houses nibble at its edges. Streams splash among maple, cherry, hickory and oak trees. Kids play on the trails after school. In season, nearby residents hunt turkey and deer.

Unless you live in the area (a town called Buena Vista), you probably have no idea it exists. That green patch epitomizes a new type of small, hyperlocal carbon offset project designed to create significant social, environmental, and economic benefits for its community. 

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