Fox River Bluffs Planting Project

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Yorkville, IL

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Kendall County Forest Preserve District

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Dave Guritz,

Kendall County Forest Preserve District (District) planted trees as part of this carbon project on 40-acres of the Fox River Bluffs Forest Preserve (Preserve) in Yorkville, IL. The District acquired the 166-acre Preserve in 2015 with a goal to restore the former farmland to prairie and a reforested natural area.

After five years of analysis and preparation, the District and community volunteers planted native trees and shrubs in Spring 2020. For this carbon project, 23,917 trees were planted including six Oak species, Shagbark hickory, and Black walnut.

In addition to the trees planted as part of the carbon project, the District seeded over 60 acres at the Preserve with a diverse prairie mix to support pollinators. This pollinator seed mix will support recovery of a local population of the federally endangered Rusty-Patched Bumble Bee to establish high-quality forage and habitat for this and other local wildlife species. Restoration of this site expands habitat and wildlife corridor connections between Hoover Forest Preserve to the State of Illinois – Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ Silver Springs State Park. The District also provides public access to local recreation at the Preserve and expanded nature-based education opportunities.

The Kendall County Forest Preserve District is part of the Kane-Kendall Oak Ecosystem Partnership, an initiative of The Morton Arboretum’s Chicago Region Trees Initiative. Learn more about the Chicago Region Trees Initiative coordinated action to build a healthier, more diverse regional forest:

Trees planted as part of this project will provide ecosystem services, also known as co-benefits, when they reach 25 years old. The co-benefits represent a savings of $101,419 per year, and $2,535,475 over the next 25 to 50 years.

  • Rain interception: 10,820.4 m3/year, $77,472 per year
  • Air quality: 0.45 tons/year, $682 per year
  • Energy – cooling (electricity): 85,177 kWh/year, $6,465 per year
  • Energy – heating (natural gas): 1,592,668 kBtu/year, $15,504 per year
  • CO2 avoided from energy savings: 64.8 tons/year, $1,296 per year

Total Credits Issued: 2,531

  • 2021: 506 credits issued
  • 2024: 2,025 credits issued

Total Credits Sold: 506

  • 2022: 506 credits sold

Total Credits Retired: 0

Total Credits Cancelled: 0

Total Credits Available for Purchase: 2,025

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