Why Carbon+ Credits?

City trees deliver many benefits to urban residents. And our scientists have developed a unique bundled credit that embodies some of the quantified benefits delivered by our metropolitan, community, and urban forests. Our City Forest Carbon+ Credit includes:

  • A metric ton of CO2
  • Stormwater runoff reduction in cubic meters
  • Air quality for O3, NOx, PM10, and Net VOCs
  • Energy savings in kWh/yr and kBtu/yr

We are a national non-profit organization based in Seattle issuing carbon and quantified co-benefit credits to metropolitan and urban forest projects in the U.S. Our scientists and our national drafting group developed these credits as specialized and charismatic credits, delivering a suite of ecosystem benefits to residents of cities and towns, where they are needed most. 

City Forest Carbon+ Credits

Companies can purchase these Carbon+ Credits to invest efficiently, reliably, and locally in climate solutions:

  • Local Urban Greening of Cities: Projects are implemented locally, with visible and quantified ecosystem benefits
  • Your Community: You can buy credits in cities where you operate and your customers and employees live. Both your dollars and the environmental benefits stay local
  • Carbon+: Credits are unique bundled credits that include quantified stormwater reduction, air quality benefits, and energy savings (cooling), along with a quantified metric ton of CO₂
  • Media Over Time in Cities: Favorable media extends to local officials and NGOs implementing projects, community leaders, and your company, all over many years as a park, riparian area, open space, or neighborhood is transformed
  • Local to Global: The credits enable local projects to deliver local benefits that also address a global problem, through a national, non-profit organization

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