Western Reserve Land Conservancy Carbon Program - Bainbridge Forest

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Cleveland, OH

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Western Reserve Land Conservancy

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Alex Czayka aczayka@wrlandconservancy.org

Western Reserve Land Conservancy (“the Land Conservancy”), a nonprofit accredited land trust based in northeast Ohio, is working on its first carbon credits endeavor: the Western Reserve Land Conservancy Carbon Program.

To date, the Land Conservancy has protected over 60,000 acres across 24 counties of northern and eastern Ohio. Through its Reforest Our City program, the Land Conservancy has partnered to plant and distribute 15,000 trees since 2015. Our vision includes thriving, prosperous communities nourished by vibrant natural lands, working farms and healthy cities; indeed, a carbon credit program is well-suited to our vision and mission, furthering conservation goals that will benefit communities, increase valuable open space acreage, and preserve critical wildlife habitat.

The Bainbridge Forest Preservation Project—a 27-acre site comprised of 90-year old mature forest—is the Land Conservancy’s first carbon preservation project. The Land Conservancy’s ultimate goal is to protect the property in perpetuity through a conservation easement. A successful project will bring benefits to open space, human health, and birds and wildlife. The property is strategically located near a 797-acre conservation corridor, and its forest provides both ecosystem services (carbon sink, stormwater retention) and wildlife habitat (seven State-listed bat species and neotropical migrant birds) crucial for an area of Northeast Ohio that is experiencing rapid development and forest loss.

The Land Conservancy is working with City Forest Credits to roll out its carbon credit program. Additional carbon preservation projects are underway with the second project being the Sandy Cross Forest Preservation project.

The 27-acre Bainbridge Forest Preservation Project will provide cleaner air and water, stormwater management, and energy savings.

The co-benefits from this project provides values (avoided costs) of $63,667 per year, and $2,546,678 over 40 years.

  • Rain interception – 14,028 m3/year, $29,650 per year
  • Air quality – 0.97 tons/year, $2,398 per year
  • Energy – cooling (electricity) – 42,414 kWh/year, $5,942 per year
  • Energy – heating (natural gas) – 1,753,006 kBtu/year, $24,518 per year
  • Avoided CO2 from energy savings – 57.9 tons/year – $1,158.93

Total Credits Issued: 4,139

  • 2021: 4,139 credits issued

Total Credits Sold: 4,139

  • 2022: 4,139 credits sold

Total Credits Retired: 0

Total Credits Cancelled: 0

Total Credits Available for Purchase: 0

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