City of Des Moines Urban Tree Planting 2022

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Des Moines, IA

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Trees Forever

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Kiley Miller, CEO

Trees Forever is a non-profit with a three-decade history of success in Iowa. As part of this project, Trees Forever, in partnership with the City of Des Moines, is planting 1,600 to 1,700 street trees on City-owned rights-of-way and parks throughout Des Moines in spring and fall 2022. The main species planted include oak (red, bur, swamp white), London planetree, American elm, northern hackberry, Kentucky coffeetree, honeylocust, crabapple, redbud, Japanese tree lilac.

The main project goals are to increase tree equity across the city by targeting trees to under-resourced neighborhoods, completing major street corridor plantings, and supporting youth workforce development through the Growing Futures program. Growing Futures is addresses critical social, economic, and environmental needs in Des Moines by using a thoughtfully designed and hands-on approach to give Iowa’s young people needed workplace skills and open doors for them to green careers all while planting trees. Growing Futures participants will plant and care for trees planted as part of this project.

This project is the third in Trees Forever’s carbon program. Prior projects include Reforesting Des Moines 2019 and Reforesting Des Moines 2021.

More information soon.

More information soon.

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