Advancing Tree Equity in Providence - 2021

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Providence, RI

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American Forests

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Molly Henry,

American Forests is partnering with Providence Neighborhood Planting Program and the City of Providence on this carbon planting project, including 1,020 trees planted between November 2019 and November 2021. The Providence Neighborhood Planting Program (PNPP) is a tree planting partnership between the Mary Elizabeth Sharpe Providence Neighborhood Planting Program Fund, the City of Providence, and the residents and community members of Providence. Each year, PNPP and its partners plant and maintain approximately 500-550 street trees to improve public health, climate resilience and tree equity throughout the City of Providence.

PNPP used a community-driven tree planting model, working with residents and community groups to identify planting sites on publicly-owned land and working with neighborhood volunteers to plant the trees. Neighborhoods with lower Tree Equity Scores were prioritized to receive new trees in order to cool neighborhoods and improve air quality that disproportionately impacts Providence’s lowest canopy neighborhoods. Many of these projects are in formerly redlined neighborhoods where there are larger populations of people of color and people in poverty, and where the public health and social burdens correlated with tree inequity and other forms of environmental racism are most present.

Partners hope to establish a long-term carbon credit program that quantifies the many co-benefits that their urban trees provide as part of City and PNPP street tree planting and stewardship programs. The funding generated through the sale of carbon credits will help support long-term maintenance of Providence’s urban forest and additional needs that are identified by community members during the planning process.

Information available soon.

Information available soon.

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