If your company or organization wants to deliver visible and quantified environmental benefits to targeted cities or communities, you can do this reliably and efficiently with our City Forest Carbon+ Credits.

The Credits are a national, standardized unit of value, developed by a national drafting group that included leading scientists. The Credits represent real trees planted or preserved that result in quantified carbon storage, storm water reduction, air quality benefits, and energy savings, along with the many other benefits of trees. And they are delivered to cities and town where your customers and employees live and work.

Our Credits are valuable for a number of reasons:

Offset carbon emissions or reduce your carbon footprint: each Credit contains a quantified metric ton of CO2 and constitutes a tradeable carbon credit;

Sustainability: your company or organization will receive Credits that deliver the triple bottom line of environmental, social, and economic benefits. Our Carbon+ Credits quantify the benefits in resource units and dollars so that your shareholders or stakeholders can see in metrics how your sustainability dollars are making a local impact;

Water neutrality: if your company is working toward water neutrality, our quantification of storm water runoff reduction may allow you receive a highly charismatic credit that helps you achieve water neutrality goals while also delivering the climate mitigation of carbon storage and energy savings from cooling.

Employee engagement: your employees can adopt a project and directly contribute to the greening of their city or town.

Corporate social responsibility: if you have CSR goals, these Credits enable you to deliver a documented social and environmental impact.

Marketing or community outreach: investing in these credits gives you visibility in your community, giving back to your community with something everyone loves – the trees.

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