Crowley Oaks Conservation Area

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Alden, IL

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The Land Conservancy of McHenry County

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Lisa Haderlein, Executive Director

As part of the Chicago Carbon Region Program, The Land Conservancy of McHenry County (TLC) is preserving 45 acres of mature forest in the Crowley Oaks Conservation Area within the township of Alden, IL. With many of the forest’s bur oak, white oak, and red oak trees pre-dating European settlement of the region, the forest is a valuable resource that provides habitat and human health benefits for wildlife, residents, and visitors.

Crowley Oaks is located at the headwaters of Piscasaw Creek, one of the few cold-water creeks remaining in Northeastern Illinois. Protecting this forest will regulate water temperatures of the Piscasaw creek, home to various fish species indicative of high water quality. It will also provide a habitat anchor for several bird species under threat due to woodland habitat loss and fragmentation such as Ovenbird and Scarlet tanager. Other benefits will include improved air quality and enhanced stormwater management, which will benefit the community of surrounding farmland and residential development.

This project is part of the Chicago Region Carbon Program (CRCP) and complements other tree planting and preservation projects in the seven-metro counties included in the Chicago Region Trees Initiative. Projects in the 2022 CRCP cohort include:

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More information soon.

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