Fitzgerald Road Preservation Project

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Rockford, IL

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Natural Land Institute

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Kerry Leigh, Executive Director,

As part of the Chicago Carbon Region Program, Natural Land Institute (NLI) is preserving the 21-acre Fitzgerald Road forest on a 42.28 acre property that is part of a larger complex of protected lands. The Project consists of mature forest between 75 and 150 years old, with Oak-Hickory species dominating the dry-mesic upland and silver maple, hackberry, and green ash, and burr oak predominant in the wet-mesic floodplain. Protecting this area creates substantial conservation and community benefits including carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat and open space protection.

The property is zoned Agriculture and the surrounding land is facing a continued threat of urban expansion from the City of Rockford. Preservation of the Project is important as our urban wooded lands are becoming increasingly fragmented and rare in Winnebago County due to urban development pressures and agricultural development.

NLI is a not-for-profit Conservation Land Trust since 1958, with extensive experience in land management and conservation easements. NLI’s portfolio consists of holding and monitoring over 40 conservation easements and managing over 3,000 acres of fee land properties. Over its history, NLI has protected over 18,000 acres of natural land.

This project is part of the Chicago Region Carbon Program (CRCP) and complements other tree planting and preservation projects in the seven-metro counties supervised by the Chicago Region Trees Initiative. Projects in the 2022 CRCP cohort include:

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More information soon.

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