City of Highland Park - Urban Forest Rejuvenation

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Highland Park, IL

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City of Highland Park

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Ben Miller, City Forester

As part of the Chicago Region Carbon Program, the City of Highland Park planted 809 trees between June 2019 and June 2022 on public rights-of-way throughout the city. The goals of the City’s Urban Forest Rejuvenation initiative are to enhance diversity within the City’s parkway and street tree populations, establish the next generation of mature urban forest canopy cover, provide human health and wildlife benefits, and increase the City’s climate resilience.

The trees planted for this project will provide important human health and wildlife benefits. The boulevards of Highland Park provide public access to green spaces for all residents and visitors. Parkway trees provide shade for users of City rights-of-way, improve air quality, and promote energy savings, among other financial and human health benefits. Moreover, parkway trees within the urban forest provide habitat and food for a diverse community of wildlife including birds, mammals, and insects. This includes crucial pollinator species reliant on a consistent population of mature trees.

This project is part of the Chicago Region Carbon Program (CRCP) and complements other tree planting and preservation projects in the seven-metro counties included in the Chicago Region Trees Initiative. Projects in the 2022 CRCP cohort include:

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More information soon.

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