Reservation Woods

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Kendall County, IL

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Kendall County Forest Preserve District

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David Guritz, Executive Director

As part of the Chicago Region Carbon Program, the Kendall County Forest Preserve District (District) is preserving 10 acres at Reservation Woods in unincorporated Kendall County, Illinois. The District is a conservation-focused county municipal government agency. The project includes oak-hickory dominated upland forest and maple-linden dominated mesic woodlands. Protecting these trees will increase public access to open space, support watershed protection, and expand wildlife habitat in Kendall County, IL.

Reservation Woods is located between the historical “Big Slough” Morgan Creek drainage area and the Waish-Kee-Shaw Indian Reservation established under the 1830 Treaty of Prairie du Chien. It includes some of the best remaining oak woodlands within Kendall County. The District’s goal is to maintain the parcels in perpetuity as publicly protected open space, thereby increasing public access to outdoor recreation opportunities. Situated within the Morgan Creek headwaters area, this forest also supports flood control and watershed protection, as well as providing an important expansion of conservation lands for locally and increasingly rare bird and wildlife species.

This project is part of the Chicago Region Carbon Program (CRCP) and complements other tree planting and preservation projects in the seven-metro counties included in the Chicago Region Trees Initiative. Projects in the 2022 CRCP cohort include:

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Forest preservation projects not only reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but provide ecosystem services or co-benefits that can be quantified. The co-benefits from this project represent a savings (avoided costs) of $22,277.43 per year, and $891,097 over 40 years.

  • Rain interception (stormwater management) – 2,408 m3/year, $17,238 per year
  • Air quality – 0.10 tons/year, $152 per year
  • Energy – cooling (electricity) – 18,952 kWh/year, $1,439 per year
  • Energy – heating (natural gas) – 354,369 kBtu/year, $3,450 per year

Social Impacts

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an urgent call for action and global partnership among all countries, representing key benchmarks for creating a better world and environment for everyone. Well-designed and managed urban forests make significant contributions to the environmental sustainability, economic viability and livability of cities.

The main SDGs for this project are described below, with more detailed information in the Project Design Document.

This project protects Reservation Woods forest, which relieves urban heat effects and improves air quality. It will encourage nature-based recreation and physical activity by providing trails connecting the preserve’s diverse habitat areas.


This project protects the headwaters of Morgan Creek. The woodlands provide shading to the ephemeral streams, reducing surface water temperatures and enriching wildlife habitat, such as riparian habitat for fish, birds, and other animals.


This project conserves wildlife habitat to provide important refuge for local biodiversity. Furthermore it will reduce storm water runoff, provide buffers adjacent to streams, and prevent soil erosion.

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